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Custom Fabrication can discuss and quote for manufacturing almost any fabricated component. Though our expertise comes from the Motorsport industry we are happy to take enquiries on any application.
With our in house facilities and skill base, and our network of trusted service and material suppliers we can produce and finish your components to your exact requirements.
We have experience in working with many materials including various grades of Aluminium, Mild and Stainless Steel, and more specialised metals such as Titanium and Inconel.
We can build you a cage to your exact individual requirements and to MSA, and if required FIA specifications. Be it a simple 4 point Bolt in Hoop or a Full Space frame construction, our cages are built using state of the art CNC tube bending equipment, ensuring the best possible quality and fit.
Cages can be manufactured in a range of materials including CDS, T45 and 15CDV6. Cages can be TIG or MIG welded to very high standards.
All Mounting Plates, Stiffeners and Gussets can be fabricated to ensure the best possible performance of the Cage.
As well as Roll Cages Custom Fabrication can undertake all Bodyshell Preparation work such as ...
Seam Welding:  some panels and chassis members can be stitch welded along the seams to further increase the stiffness of the shell.
Panel Fabrication / Fitting:  we can fabricated panels to suit the function of the shell, for example larger Transmission Tunnels, Fuel Cell covers, Boot floors or a set of deeper arches.  We can also modify and fit original panels.
Component Fabrication:  any mounting brackets / fixings can be made from a Battery Tray or Fire Extinguisher mounts, to a set of Seat Rails.
We can also take on restoration and repair of bodyshells (not just motorsport shells).
All aspects of bodyshell work can be organised by Custom Fabrication. Stripping the shell at the beginning of the build, by either Shot Blasting, or for a more complete removal of material, a chemical dipping process can be used. And at the end of the build we can have our trusted local race car paint specialist take care of applying a top quality finish.
Please contact us to discus your needs.

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